Reviews of the Strongest Drywall Anchors for Wall-Mounted TVs

When it comes to mounting your TV on the wall, choosing the right drywall anchor is crucial. A sturdy anchor ensures that your TV stays securely mounted, preventing any mishaps. In this guide, we’ll explore the world of drywall anchors, focusing on the strongest options available for wall-mounted TVs.

Which Drywall Anchor is Best? Let’s find out!
1. Choose the Right Anchor Type: Consider the weight of your TV and the wall type when selecting drywall anchors. Different anchor types serve specific purposes.
2. Swelgo for Heavy-Duty Applications: Swelgo Drywall Anchors excel in heavy-duty tasks, offering strong holding power and versatility across various materials.
3. MD5753 for Easy Installation: For easy and straightforward installation, the Mounting Dream MD5753 kit stands out, equipped with additional tools for convenience.
4. TOGGLER Toggle for Versatility: TOGGLER Toggle TB Residential Drywall Anchors are highly versatile, with the ability to work on different materials and resist vibrations.
5. SnapSkru for Self-Drilling Needs: TOGGLER SnapSkru SP Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors are ideal for self-drilling, featuring easy installation and a durable zinc construction.
6. Qualihome for Budget-Friendly Solutions: Qualihome Ribbed Plastic Drywall Anchors offer affordability without compromising effectiveness, making them suitable for light-duty applications.
7. Toggler Combo Kit for Variety: The Toggler 44-Piece Combo Anchor Kit provides versatility with different anchor types, catering to various mounting needs.
8. Consider Project Specifics: Factor in the specific requirements of your TV mounting project, such as weight capacity, wall material, and ease of installation.
9. Comprehensive Guide: This guide covers a range of drywall anchors, ensuring you can make an informed decision for a successful TV mounting experience.

2. Why Strong Drywall Anchors are Essential for Wall-Mounted TVs

Before diving into reviews, let’s understand why using strong drywall anchors is essential. Your TV is an investment, and a reliable anchor not only ensures its safety but also provides peace of mind. Weak anchors can lead to instability and potential damage to both the TV and your wall.

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3. Types of Drywall Anchors

a close up of a pile of metal nuts and bolts

3.1 Expansion Drywall Anchors

TypeWeight CapacitySuitable for
Expansion Drywall Anchors20-30 poundsLightweight projects like small shelves

Expansion drywall anchors are versatile and work well for lightweight projects such as small shelves or coat racks. With a weight capacity of 20-30 pounds, they are ideal for smaller loads.

3.2 Toggle Bolt Anchors

TypeWeight CapacitySuitable for
Toggle Bolt Anchors200-300 poundsHeavy objects like TV mounts and mirrors

Toggle bolt anchors, with wings that flare out against the drywall, provide exceptional stability. With a weight capacity of 200-300 pounds, they are suitable for heavy objects like TV mounts and mirrors.

3.3 Threaded Drywall Anchors

TypeWeight CapacitySuitable for
Threaded Drywall Anchors80 poundsMedium-weight items

Threaded drywall anchors, or self-drilling anchors, are easy to use and can hold up to 80 pounds. They are perfect for mounting medium-weight items securely.

3.4 Molly Bolts

TypeWeight CapacitySuitable for
Molly Bolts50 poundsLightweight objects like smoke alarms

Molly bolts, being hollow wall anchors, are suitable for lightweight objects like smoke alarms. They have a weight capacity of 50 pounds and offer a removable solution.

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4. How to Choose the Right Drywall Anchor

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Choosing the right drywall anchor involves considering factors such as the weight of your TV, the type of wall material, and the ease of installation.

4.1 Consideration of TV Weight

C Before selecting a drywall anchor, determine the weight of your TV. Different anchors are designed for varying weight capacities, so matching the anchor strength to your TV’s weight is crucial for stability.

4.2 Wall Material

C The type of wall material also plays a role. Some anchors work better with specific materials like drywall, while others are versatile enough to handle various surfaces, including wood, concrete, and hollow walls.

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4.3 Ease of Installation

C Consider your DIY skills. Some anchors require more complex installation processes, while others are designed for simplicity. Choose an anchor that aligns with your comfort level for installation.

5. Reviews of Top Drywall Anchors

Now, let’s delve into detailed reviews of the top drywall anchors for wall-mounted TVs.

5.1 Swelgo Drywall Anchors

Weight CapacityMore than 200 pounds
MaterialShock-resistant and chemical-resistant
VersatilitySuitable for concrete, drywall, hardwood, chipboard
Grip Range3/8 inches to 3-5/8 inches

Swelgo Drywall Anchors are engineered for heavy-duty tasks, boasting a weight capacity of over 200 pounds. Made from shock-resistant and chemical-resistant materials, they are versatile and work well with various surfaces, including concrete, drywall, hardwood, and chipboard. The impressive grip range of 3/8 inches to 3-5/8 inches makes them suitable for different wall thicknesses.

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5.2 MD5753 by Mounting Dream

Kit ContentsStainless steel screws, washers, anchors, bubble level, Allen key
MaterialStainless steel screws, durable design
VersatilitySuitable for wood, concrete, and drywall
SturdinessDeep thread design for a firm hold

The MD5753 by Mounting Dream comes as a comprehensive kit, including stainless steel screws, washers, and additional tools like a bubble level and an Allen key. With durable stainless steel screws and a deep thread design, this anchor provides a sturdy hold. It is versatile, working well with wood, concrete, and drywall.

5.3 TOGGLER Toggle Anchor TB Residential Drywall Anchor

a close up of a screw on top of a piece of paper
MaterialSuper-strong polypropylene with corrosion resistance
UtilitySuitable for plaster, wood, sheet metal, stainless steel, hollow doors
InstallationNonconductive, anti-rotation design for easy installation
Holding StrengthUltimate tensile strength of 143 pounds

TOGGLER Toggle Anchor TB Residential Drywall Anchor is crafted from super-strong polypropylene, offering excellent corrosion resistance. Its utility spans across plaster, wood, sheet metal, stainless steel, and hollow doors. The nonconductive, anti-rotation design ensures straightforward installation, and it boasts an impressive ultimate tensile strength of 143 pounds.

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5.4 TOGGLER SnapSkru SP Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor

Holding Ability

The TOGGLER SnapSkru SP Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor stands out as the best self-drilling option in the market. With mini anchors holding up to 40 pounds and larger anchors supporting up to 50 pounds, this anchor is perfect for medium to light loads. 

The deep-thread design allows it to lock into drywall ranging from 3/8 inches to 5/8 inches thick. Crafted from highly durable zinc, these anchors are recommended for their ease of installation and their ability to leave a small footprint, making them ideal for hollow core doors.

5.5 Qualihome Ribbed Plastic Drywall Anchor

VersatilitySuitable for drywall, concrete, glass-filled nylon, and gypsum wallboard
Design3-way expansion design with ribs for a firm hold
Kit Contents100-inch anchors, 1 ¼ inch anchors, 4-inch masonry drill bit
Weight CapacityHolds between 20 to 30 pounds

If you’re on a budget and looking for a reliable plastic drywall anchor, the Qualihome Ribbed Plastic Drywall Anchor is an excellent choice. With a 3-way expansion design, these anchors work well on various materials such as drywall, concrete, glass-filled nylon, and gypsum wallboard. 

The kit, including 100-inch anchors and a 4-inch masonry drill bit, makes it an affordable and versatile option for lightweight projects.

5.6 Toggler 44-Piece Combo Anchor Kit

VersatilityWorks with drywall, wood, gypsum board, hollow walls, double drywall, plasterboard
TypesToggle bolts, self-drilling anchors, toggle anchors, all-purpose anchors
MaterialShockproof, heavy-duty, chemical-resistant polymers
Maximum LoadSnap toggle anchors hold an impressive 250 pounds

The Toggler 44-Piece Combo Anchor Kit is a versatile set that covers a wide range of applications. From toggle bolts to self-drilling anchors, this kit is designed to handle different surfaces, including drywall, wood, gypsum board, hollow walls, double drywall, and plasterboard. 

The shockproof, heavy-duty, chemical-resistant polymers ensure durability. The snap toggle anchors steal the spotlight, holding an impressive 250 pounds.

6. Comparison Table of Top Drywall Anchors

FeaturesSwelgo Drywall AnchorsMD5753 by Mounting DreamTOGGLER Toggle Anchor TBTOGGLER SnapSkru SPQualihome Ribbed PlasticToggler 44-Piece Combo Kit
Weight Capacity200+ poundsVaried, suitable for small to medium TVs143 poundsMini anchors: 40 pounds, Larger anchors: 50 pounds20 to 30 poundsSnap toggle anchors: 250 pounds
MaterialShock-resistant and chemical-resistantStainless steel screws, durable designSuper-strong polypropyleneZincPlasticShockproof, heavy-duty polymers
VersatilityConcrete, drywall, hardwood, chipboardWood, concrete, and drywallPlaster, wood, sheet metal, stainless steelAll-purposeDrywall, concrete, glass-filled nylon, gypsum wallboardDrywall, wood, gypsum board, hollow walls, double drywall, plasterboard

This comparison table provides a quick overview of the key features of each top drywall anchor, helping you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

7. Installation Tips for Wall-Mounted TVs

Installing a wall-mounted TV involves more than just choosing the right anchor. Here are some essential tips to ensure a successful installation:

  • Locate Studs: Whenever possible, anchor your TV into wall studs for maximum stability.
  • Use a Level: Ensure your TV is level during installation. Most drywall anchor kits come with a bubble level for added convenience.
  • Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: Different anchors may have specific installation requirements. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

These tips will help you achieve a secure and level wall-mounted TV installation.

8. Common Mistakes to Avoid

Even with the best drywall anchors, mistakes during installation can compromise the integrity of your TV mount. Here are common mistakes to avoid:

  • Underestimating TV Weight: Ensure the chosen anchor can handle the weight of your TV.
  • Skipping Studs: Whenever possible, anchor into wall studs for added strength.
  • Over-Tightening Screws: Over-tightening screws can damage the anchor or the wall. Follow recommended torque levels.

Being aware of these common mistakes can save you from potential issues down the line.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can drywall anchors be reused?
    • Yes, but drilling a larger hole may be necessary. Some anchors are designed for removal, but caution is advised to avoid wall damage.
  • Which drywall anchors hold the most weight?
    • It depends on the weight of the object. Plastic sleeves work best for under 10 pounds, self-drilling anchors for 10-25 pounds, and snap toggles or toggle bolts for heavier objects.
  • Why are drywall anchors necessary?
    • Drywall anchors provide support, preventing screws from damaging weak drywall and ensuring a secure attachment.

These FAQs provide valuable insights for readers looking to understand more about the usage and capabilities of drywall anchors.

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, choosing the right drywall anchor is essential for a secure and reliable wall-mounted TV installation. Consider the weight of your TV, the type of wall material, and ease of installation when making your selection. 

The reviewed drywall anchors, including Swelgo, Mounting Dream, TOGGLER, Qualihome, and Toggler, offer a range of options catering to different needs.

11. Further Reading

Explore more about drywall anchors with these informative resources:

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12. FAQs

12.1. Are drywall anchors reusable?

Yes, but drilling a larger hole may be necessary. Some anchors are designed for removal, but caution is advised to avoid wall damage.

12.2. How do I determine the weight capacity needed for my TV?

Consider the weight of your TV and choose an anchor with a capacity that exceeds this weight to ensure stability.

12.3. Can I use drywall anchors on all wall types?

It depends on the anchor type. Some are versatile and work on various surfaces like drywall, wood, and concrete, while others are more specific.

12.4. What’s the difference between self-drilling anchors and toggle bolts?

Self-drilling anchors are easier to install as they drill their own hole. Toggle bolts, on the other hand, require pre-drilling and offer more substantial support for heavier loads.

12.5. Are plastic drywall anchors suitable for heavy items?

Plastic anchors are best for lighter loads (under 10 pounds). For heavy items, consider alternatives like self-drilling anchors or toggle bolts.

13. Conclusion

In conclusion, finding the right drywall anchors is crucial for a secure and reliable wall-mounted TV installation. Each type of drywall anchor serves a specific purpose, and choosing the best one depends on the weight of your TV and the type of wall you are working with.

Selecting the Swelgo Drywall Anchors for heavy-duty applications proves to be an excellent choice, given their strong holding power, versatility, and wide grip range. The shock-resistant and chemical-resistant materials, coupled with a lifetime warranty, make them a durable and reliable option.

For those who prioritize easy installation, the MD5753 by Mounting Dream stands out. The kit’s robust design, additional tools, and firm hold make it the best drywall anchor for straightforward installations, especially for small to medium televisions.

When versatility is a key factor, the TOGGLER Toggle TB Residential Drywall Anchor shines. Its ability to work with various materials, high tensile strength, and vibration-resistant design make it suitable for a wide range of projects, from shelves to TV mounts.

The TOGGLER SnapSkru SP Self-Drilling Drywall Anchor is the go-to choice for self-drilling anchors. With easy installation, a small footprint, and durable zinc construction, it is ideal for medium to light loads.

For those on a budget, the Qualihome Ribbed Plastic Drywall Anchor offers an affordable yet effective solution. Its 3-way expansion design and compatibility with different materials make it suitable for various light-duty applications.

Lastly, the Toggler 44-Piece Combo Anchor Kit provides versatility with different anchor types. With a durable construction, high weight capacity, and suitability for various surfaces, it offers a comprehensive solution for different mounting needs.

By understanding the specific requirements of your TV mounting project and considering factors like weight capacity, wall type, and ease of installation, you can confidently choose the best drywall anchor for your needs. Happy mounting!