Where To Buy Portable Greenhouse? (PRO Tips)

If you’re looking for a green house, there are many places to look. Before we get into that, let’s make sure you know what kind of greenhouse you’re looking for. 

There are a few different types of greenhouses that can help solve your gardening needs: commercial greenhouse kits, hobbyist or personal greenhouse kits and portable greenhouses. 

We’ll cover all three here so you know where to look, then go over some of the best places to find them online or in person!

Are Cheap Plastic Greenhouses Any Good? Lets Take A Look!
Portable greenhouses provide flexibility and convenience for gardening enthusiasts.
When buying a portable greenhouse, consider factors such as size, material, and durability.
Online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart offer a wide selection of portable greenhouses.
Reading reviews and comparing prices can help you make an informed purchasing decision.
Family Handyman provides valuable articles and resources on portable greenhouses.


If you’re wondering where to buy a portable greenhouse, Wayfair is the place to go. This online store sells home decor, furniture, and appliances that can help you beautify your home.

You can find a wide range of portable greenhouses for sale at this online store. The price of each item is also very reasonable compared to other stores that sell these products.

When it comes to building a temporary canopy, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and requirements. Our comprehensive guide on how to build a temporary canopy provides step-by-step instructions and valuable tips to help you create a versatile and portable shelter for various occasions.


Amazon is a great place to buy portable greenhouse.

There are many options available on Amazon and a wide range of information about the products that you can read before making your purchase decision.


Ebay is another great place to find a portable greenhouse. Ebay has many different types of greenhouses, and also has many sellers. You can find the best deal on Ebay by searching for “portable greenhouse” or “greenhouse”. 

On Ebay, you will see many different sellers because they have so many users that sell things through their website. 

This is good because you can check out all the reviews left by customers who have bought from these sellers before and decide which one would be best for your needs.

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Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States, with over 2,200 retail stores in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

The company operates under the name HD Supply (NYSE:HDS) as a separate public company for its wholesale distribution business. 

In addition to being a retailer of hardware and building materials (including lumber), it also sells gardening products sold through their subsidiary Gardener’s Supply Company.


You can buy your greenhouse from Sears. This retailer is a huge home-improvement chain, with 2,000 stores across the United States. 

While many of its locations are in shopping malls, Sears has also opened standalone stores in major cities like Chicago and New York City.

The company sells a wide variety of products under its brand name as well as third-party brands such as Craftsman tools and Kenmore appliances. It’s one of the largest retailers of clothing and footwear in the US. 

The company also operates Kmart locations across most states with store locations including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

AppliancesKenmore refrigerators, Whirlpool washers
Tools & HardwareCraftsman power tools, DeWalt drills
Home FurnishingsAshley Furniture sofas, Serta mattresses
Clothing & ApparelLevi’s jeans, Calvin Klein dresses
ElectronicsSamsung TVs, LG soundbars
Outdoor LivingWeber grills, Garden Oasis patio furniture
AutomotiveDieHard car batteries, Goodyear tires
Fitness & SportsNordicTrack treadmills, Wilson golf clubs
Beauty & Personal CareRevlon cosmetics, Conair hair styling tools


Lowe’s is a home improvement store that sells a wide range of products including gardening tools, gardening supplies, and portable greenhouses. Lowe’s has a wide range of portable greenhouses to choose from. 

Whether you are looking for an inexpensive greenhouse or something more elaborate, Lowe’s has a solution for your needs.

There are many reasons why buying from Lowe’s would be beneficial for you. One of the most important things about buying from Lowe’s is their customer service; they offer great prices on products like portable greenhouses as well as excellent service if there are any issues with your purchase. 

They also have coupons available every week so you can save money while shopping at this store!

If you’re looking for a place where people will give good advice on what kind of greenhouse would work best in your situation then check out our blog post “How To Choose The Right Portable Greenhouse” which goes into detail about everything related to choosing between different types available today.”

Assembling a portable greenhouse doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our expert guide on how to assemble a portable greenhouse provides detailed instructions, useful tips, and illustrations to make the process a breeze. Start growing your plants with confidence!


If you’re looking for a place that has a wide range of greenhouses and great deals, WalMart is your best bet. 

They have many different models to choose from and have a return policy in case you don’t like the product. They also offer good customer service if you need help setting up or using your greenhouse.


Kmart has a wide selection of portable greenhouses. They have good return policies, so you can be sure that if you don’t like the greenhouse, you can return it without any problems. 

Kmart is also a good place to buy this product if you are on a budget because they offer great prices compared to other stores that sell these products. 

Their shipping is free on orders over $35, which means that your total cost will be less than $35 when you add the shipping costs together with any taxes or other fees associated with buying in your state or country (but not including tax).

ElectronicsSony TVs, Samsung smartphones
Home DecorMartha Stewart bedding, Essential Home furniture
Clothing & ApparelJoe Boxer pajamas, Route 66 jeans
Toys & GamesLego sets, Nerf blasters
Outdoor LivingChar-Broil grills, Intex pools
Beauty & Personal CareMaybelline makeup, Olay skincare
Baby & KidsFisher-Price toys, Carter’s clothing
Sports & FitnessWilson tennis rackets, Schwinn bicycles
Auto & TiresMichelin tires, Pennzoil motor oil


If you’re looking to purchase a greenhouse, JCPenny’s is a great place to start. They have a wide selection of greenhouse products and accessories at all their locations. 

Their customer service is top-notch, and they offer one of the best return policies in the industry.

If you are seeking extra comfort and convenience while shopping for your new greenhouse, consider bringing along a friend or family member who can help carry heavy items home on their way back from work!

Protecting your greenhouse from the elements, particularly the wind, is crucial for its longevity and stability. Discover effective techniques and strategies in our article on how to secure a greenhouse from the wind to ensure your portable greenhouse remains safe and standing strong in any weather conditions.


If you’re looking for a greenhouse that’s ready to go, Aliexpress is a good place to start. It’s an online marketplace where people from around the world gather to sell items directly to other individuals. 

There are three main advantages of buying from Aliexpress:

  • The selection of greenhouses is huge! There are many different styles and sizes, as well as different materials (including wood, plastic and glass).
  • Prices are typically very low because they’re all sold by individual sellers rather than big corporations like Home Depot or Lowes.
  • Shipping costs are almost always free if your order totals at least 10 dollars US dollars (or 9 euros).
ElectronicsXiaomi smartphones
FashionNike sneakers
Home DecorIkea furniture
BeautyKorean skincare products
Sports & OutdoorsDecathlon camping gear
AutomotiveBosch car batteries
Toys & GamesLego building sets
Health & WellnessFitbit fitness trackers
JewelrySwarovski crystal earrings
Tools & Home ImprovementXiaomi smart home devices

The Green House Store

We have a lot of experience with these things, and we want to help you find the right one. We’ve been selling greenhouse kits for over 10 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s how it works:

  • You visit our website (thegreenhousestore.com).
  • You choose the greenhouse kit that looks good to you (all of them are good!)
  • You add it to your shopping cart. Then pay for it! And wait for your new greenhouse kit to arrive on your doorstep!

When it comes to covering your greenhouse, polyurethane is a popular and reliable option. Learn how to properly apply and benefit from this material in our informative guide on how to cover a greenhouse with polyurethane. Enhance insulation, protect your plants, and create an ideal growing environment with this versatile solution.


We hope that we were able to help you find the perfect greenhouse for your needs. As we’ve mentioned before, there are many options available out there and it can be hard to decide on just one. 

If you want some more information on any of these brands or want to start shopping around, check out our buying guide!

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Can I use a portable greenhouse for year-round gardening?

Yes, portable greenhouses can be used for year-round gardening. However, it’s important to consider the climate in your area and choose appropriate heating or cooling options to maintain optimal conditions for your plants.

How do I anchor a portable greenhouse to prevent it from tipping over in strong winds?

To anchor a portable greenhouse, you can use various methods such as securing it with stakes, tying it down with ropes or bungee cords, or using weighted objects like sandbags or concrete blocks. These measures help to enhance stability and prevent tipping over during windy conditions.

Are portable greenhouses suitable for growing delicate or heat-sensitive plants?

Yes, portable greenhouses can provide a controlled environment suitable for growing delicate or heat-sensitive plants. By regulating temperature, humidity, and sunlight exposure, you can create an ideal growing environment to protect your plants from extreme weather conditions.

How do I maintain the temperature inside a portable greenhouse during cold winter months?

To maintain the temperature inside a portable greenhouse during cold winter months, you can use various methods such as insulating the structure, using heaters or heat lamps, covering plants with frost blankets, and utilizing thermal mass materials like water barrels or rocks to retain heat.

Can I move a portable greenhouse to a different location in my garden?

Yes, one of the advantages of a portable greenhouse is its mobility. You can disassemble and move it to a different location in your garden, allowing you to adapt to changing sunlight conditions or make room for other gardening activities.